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Check your smartphone for problems and fix them easily.

When I mention the program Advanced SystemCare, from IObit, the first thing that comes to mind is the program for your PC. If you don’t know what Advanced SystemCare is, we recommend reading our post on it (click here!)

And we know that Advanced SystemCare can find and fix your PC’s errors, and anything that can slow your PC down, like junk files, ect.

But now, IObit have released ASC (Advanced SystemCare) For android smartphones.

Unfortunately as of now, it is only available for android, and not ios, blackberry, ect.

And guess what they called it?

Advanced Mobile Care.

I’ve tried it, and it seems to do it’s job. Plus, it has a nice look to it, too.

Click here to read more about, and download, IObit Advanced Mobile Care.

Burn any video to DVD

When burning a Video to DVD, the first thing that usually comes to mind is to use windows  own tool: Windows DVD Creator. Although this piece of software is extremely easy to use, and has the best DVD Menu features, there are lots of things that let the program down.

Most importantly is it can’t convert most formats to DVD. Sometimes it will give an error message. Sometimes it will say the DVD is ready and the DVD will play with no sound, or some sort of error. The problem is: DVD Creator can’t convert most formats to a DVD.

So, what to do? The first thing we think about now is: Google. Continue reading Burn any video to DVD

Find and fix found errors on your PC (for free!)

IObit Advanced System Care has recently been upgraded to version 6, and the update is noticeable.

So, from the image above, you can see the difference.

ASC (Advanced System Care) 6 offers better protection and more features. Of course, there are some limitations because you are using the free version and IObit are trying to persuade you to go pro.

ASC6 can help speed up your Continue reading Find and fix found errors on your PC (for free!)