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Find out more about Fibre Optic Broadband

Superfast Wales   Connecting our community with fibre optic broadbandSuperfast Cymru is a website that tells you all about Fibre Optic broadband.

It not only tells you what it is, but it also tells you what fibre optic will mean for you, as a home or business user. The site also has a coverage checker, by map and by line checker, this tells you when Fibre Optic is expected in your area. If fibre optic broadband is already in your area, the site also offers a list of providers who may be able to offer fibre optic to you.

or visit www.superfast-cymru.comĀ 

Be More Dog

There are so many great inventions, But people are still bored with life.

You might say we’re a bit.. Cat.

Just look at dogs.

Excited by everything.

Always Active.

o2 has launched a website, to show you more about Being More Dog.

On this site, you can watch videos about it, and even play Frisbee!

Click here or go to

O2 Be More Dog - From TV Ad - GoogleImageso2-bemoredog logo

See what websites looked like in the past.

The wayback machine is a great online tool that lets you see what websites looked like from years ago.

For example, here’s what the website looked like on August 27th 1999:

Apple Waybeck Machine - AUG 27 1999 - Apple Computer


You can view almost any popular site from the wayback machine.

Give it a go now! Click here to visit the Wayback Machine

If you want to see more of Apple from the year 2000*, Check out this video of an old apple TV advert:

Also, check out this video of the first Apple Mac computer:


*We are not specifying that this is the year that this advert was released.