Best Chrome Themes

If you have the browser Google Chrome, you may know that there are a lot of themes out there to customize the look and feel of the browser. If you look at all of the themes available for chrome in the webstore, you will see that you are spoiled for choice! How do you know which are the best ones to pick?

Below are our top 5 themes for chrome.

1.Angry Birds

New Tab Page

The angry birds theme for chrome is a great way to improve the overall look of your browser. The new tab page white background changes to an image of the angry birds. The top bar changes to blue stripes.

Click here to view and download the angry birds chrome theme.

2.Chuck Anderson

New Tab Page

The Chuck Anderson theme for chrome only changes the top bar of Chrome. It’s extremely bright, colourful and eye catching.

Click here to view and download the chuck anderson chrome theme.

3.Summer Fields

New Tab

The Summer Fields theme is simple but great. The new tab page changes to a picture of a field and the top bar goes solid blue. It’s the perfect theme for lovers of the outdoors.

Click here to view and download the summer fields chrome theme.


The universe theme changes both the new tab page background and the top bar to a picture of the stars in the Universe. It’s quite colourful and will especially look good on a mac.

Click here to view and download the universe chrome theme.

5.Beach Paradise

Beach Paradise – the perfect theme for you to enjoy the summer season.. From your browser! Beach paradise replaces the new tab page background with a picture of a beach. Paradise!

Click here to view and download the beach paradise chrome theme.

Still can’t find the right chrome theme for you? Why not create your own for free!

My Chrome Theme is a chrome app from google, that let’s you create your very own chrome theme.

It’s nothing much; My Chrome Theme just lets you upload your own photo as the new tab page background and lets you pick your own colour for the top bar.

Don’t worry, your Chrome themes you creatre will not be released to the general public, so they’re 100% personal.

It let’s you add that personal touch to your browser.

Click here to view and download the my chrome theme app for chrome.

How to reset your chrome theme to default

If you don’t like the chrome theme you have and can’t find a decent replacement, you may want to remove all themes from your browser and reset it to the default.


To do this, follow these steps:
1. Type, into the chrome address bar:


2. Type the following into the settings search box:


3. Click the reset to default theme button.


Thank you!

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